A few years ago I started to experiment with pinhole cameras. Normally I try to control everything in the pictures I take. There is something really fulfilling in getting exactly the picture you had in mind. But sometimes I want to be free and sink in in the situations instead of analysing avery aspect. That is the time for my pinhole camera, where I never really know what kind of photo I will get. It is also a good indicator how I feel, because the work is so intuitive that there is no place to hide. Normally I take long walks with my pinhole camera or take them to meet friends. In the process I had my best ideas so far.

Now I use a digital version, which is an old dslr without a lens, because sometimes I like to see what I shot and the workflow afterwards is a lot easier. I miss the smell of the chemicals from the analog development but for my normal sessions the digital version works just as well. 

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