Smells like heartbreak

When there is breakup, there is pain. Afterwards we can build a new relationship as friends or at least as acquaintances. But most of us don ́t: We hide, ghost or ignore. Not because it is the adult thing to do but because we can’t help it. Years later there is not much left of what was once our world. 

So here it what remains: The smell of our loved ones and their last text.

Exposed Landscapes

City people; we are hasting between coffee shops, clubs and busy sidewalks, in the middle of everything, with our shiny Instagram feeds, always in a swarm. Until we enter out tiny apartments and step into lonesomeness, behind closed doors, where we leave something of us behind and enter another world, wether or not we want to. Here, in the darkness of our own thoughts, something is catching up with us again that was hidden within the sparkling world outside.


Iconography in me

Stone and Sea